Posted by: Paul Chiariello | January 21, 2011

A Story Told in Poems (Frost, Larkin, Hughes, Kibbani): Stars & Finding a Place Among Them

“You know Orion always comes up sideways.
Throwing a leg up over our fence of mountains,
And rising on his hands, he looks up at me
Busy outdoors by lantern-light with something
I should have done by daylight, and indeed,
After the ground is frozen, I should have done
Before it froze, and a gust flings a handful
Of waste leaves at my smokey lantern chimney
To make fun of my way of doing things,
Or else fun of Orion’s having caught me.
Has a man, I should like to ask, have no rights
These forces are obliged to pay respect to?”
So Brad McLaughlin mingled reckless talk
Of heavenly stars with hugger-mugger farming,
Til having failed at hugger-mugger farming,
He burned his house down for the fire insurance
And spent the proceeds on a telescope
To satisfy a life-long curiosity
About our place among the infinities.

~Robert Frost

And in their blazing solitude
The stars sang in their sockets through the night:
‘blow bright, blow bright
The coal of this unquickened world’

~Philip Larkin

Moon is shining
Night sky is blue
Stars are great drops
of golden dew

Down the street
a band is playing

I love you

Let us roam the night together

~Langston Hughes

When you danced with me that night
Something strange happened.
I felt as if a blazing star
Left its place in the sky
And sought refuge in my chest.
I felt as if an entire forest
Was growing under my clothes.

~Nizar Kibbani


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