Posted by: Paul Chiariello | February 7, 2011

Evolution Makes No Comments About Ethics: Why Hitler and Darwin Are Unrelated

I have no idea how many times I have heard that the motivation for Hitler’s genocide lay in Darwin and the Theory of Evolution.  Ben Stein’s Expelled focused for a while on this issue and the Introduction to Ray Comfort’s abridged version of the Origin of Species argues for it as well.

Darwin’s theory of natural selection and the ‘theory of evolution’ more broadly does not and cannot make any comment on moral matters what so ever.  If Darwin never existed Hitler would have still committed his genocide.  This post is to set the record clear (not saying everything below is original, just that it apparently isn’t explained as well or as often as it should be).  Below are six very simple arguments


First, the idea of ‘racial’ or group superiority has been around as long as people have been noticing there were other groups of humans on the other side of the hill.  Throughout the Bible entire families, tribes and nations of people are distinguished as separate and distinct in moral terms and punished accordingly.  Specifically with the Jews in Europe, ‘blood libel’ (made popular recently with Sarah Palin) is a centuries old idea that has no connection with Darwin.  Maybe the persecution of Shakespeare’s Shylock the Jew in The Merchant of Venice, written in the late 1500s, was influenced by Darwin as well?  Lastly, the idea of slavery based on the inferiority of one kind of people to another has been around for millennia with no need for Darwin or Evolution.

To say that Darwin influenced Hitler’s Genocide and that….




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