Posted by: Paul Chiariello | February 18, 2011

Zoning Laws are Being Fast Tracked in Bridgewater, NJ Blocking a Mosque to be Built: Petition

In Bridgewater, NJ the Muslim community has not had a Mosque or Islamic Center of their own.  The al Falah Center would be the first of its kind in the surrounding town ships.   Falah in Arabic means success self-improvementhappiness and well-being

The community says that it has been looking for a site to build for several years and, after it has finally found a suitable location and applied for building permits, is faced with having to start the search again.  The township has just fast-tracked its zoning laws to be finished ahead of another statute that would allow the al Falah to be built.

As the petition below recounts.  This violates a federal law:

“No government shall impose or implement a land use regulation in a manner that imposes a substantial burden on the religious exercise of a person, including a religious assembly or institution.”


Please sign the petition below if you would like to continue to show Muslims in the US and around the world that Americans really do stand by their ideals, such as freedom of religion.

Please sign it.


For an article on the increase of Hate Groups in the US click here.


  1. They can survive without a mosque, like they have done for so many years!!!
    Let them forget it, After all, you can’t miss what you don’t have, or what you have never owned…

    • replace ‘a mosque’ with ‘their freedom.’ would you give this argument to a slave? also would you give this argument to christians trying to build a church?

      • I don’t think having a mosque is necessarily equivalent to having FREEDOM!!
        That is why am not gonna replace my ‘mosque’ with freedom. And Slavery can never apply as an example in this case. It is a completely wrong analogy to use. Perhaps you could use the example of Christians in Middle Eastern countries who are not allowed to build churches, but even still, having a church is not equivalent to having FREEDOM!!!!!

        • I’m only pointing out that your argument has been said word for word in other contexts and therefore its validity should be a little skeptical. plus it is freedom, freedom of religion and congregation. Churches and mosques enable the faithful to practice a religion. Therefore if you restrict the ability to build such and to congregate, then you restrict the freedom to practice that religion.

          Not only is it an issue of freedom, but things like this, that are happening more and more, send the message that America favors a certain religion and excludes/prejudices a certain group of people. This is the absolute best way to breed a cycle of hate and discrimination both within a country and between.

          So, Larry, don’t just say it can’t be applied as an example. You have to explain exactly why it can’t.

  2. i actually meant to show you that FREEDOM goes beyond the ability to practice a religion from either a church or Mosque. You could as well give many examples of other regions of the world where people can practice their religions, but are not necessarily free; though, I agree with you to a small extent that freedom of warship or practicing a religion does contribute to what constitutes as FREEDOM. Anyway, am sure there are many other forms of freedom (other than having mosques) that those people are enjoying in the USA, that they should be very proud of, which are not being enjoyed by their colleagues from some other countries. So, its not all that bad for them, that the lack of a place to build a mosque should be looked at as a form of oppression. I hope you do get my point.

    • of course it goes ‘beyond’ just freedom of religion. freedom of religion is just one kind of freedom, and necessary (not sufficient) if people are to be free.
      and again, it is no consolation to anyone to tell them, well you don’t have these freedoms, but at least you have those. I’m sure they are very happy to have other freedoms, but they should, by right, have all those freedoms they are entitled to. if someone took away your freedom to own property or vote, would you accept the answer ‘well you still have freedoms to do this and that’?
      i would certainly say the person denying your freedom to vote or own property is oppressing you.

    • the presence of good elsewhere does not lessen the presence of evil

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