Posted by: Paul Chiariello | February 26, 2011

A Global Historical Survey: Does Accepting Homosexuality Lead to Civilizational Ruin?

A while ago I had a discussion with some friends about homosexuality and morality.  Eventually I made the comment “Well it doesn’t directly affect you.  If you didn’t know it was happening, what negate effect would it have on your life?”  To this it was responded (and I’m sorry I don’t remember exactly what was said) that homosexuality degrades the values of society and has been part of the downfall/collapse of empires and nations.  I didn’t quite know what to say about that, but I knew I could easily look into this fairly empirical historical claim.

I decided to do a case study on the Greek/Hellenistic empire, the Roman Empire, Japan, and Global Trends in the past 100-200 years.

The following is a brief outline of some things I found and my own little comments.  My sources are mostly wikipedia and a variety of other sites.  If you challenge any of the data, please comment below.


Hellenistic, Macedonian, Greek Civilization

Homosexuality in ancient Greece and during the Hellenistic Renaissance:

‘385 BCE Plato’s Symposium is published. Plato argues that love between males is the highest form of love and that sex with women is lustful and only for means of reproduction. Only with men, can the Greek male reach their full intellectual potential.’

‘338 BCE The Sacred Band of Thebes, an undefeated elite battalion made up of one hundred and fifty gay couples, is destroyed by the forces of Philip II of Macedon who bemoans their loss and praises their honor.’

‘326 BCE Gay/bisexual military leader Alexander the Great completes conquest of most of the then known Western world, converting millions of people to the gay-friendly Hellenistic culture and launching the Hellenistic Age.’

End of the Hellenistic Age and Greek/Macedonian Empire:

‘Ends with the annexation of the Greek peninsula and islands by Rome in 146 BC with the sacking of Corinth by the Roman Lucius Mummius in 146 BC.’

Note on Greek/Hellenistic Empire:  Plato is the teacher of Aristotle who was Alexander the Great’s, one of the most world famous homosexuals of history, tutor.  Alex the Great then went on to conquer the known world and set up the precursor to the Roman Empire, see next section.  The end of the Hellenistic Empire lasted for centuries afterword.

Homosexuals, bisexual’s and those who supported such had majored roles in founding and creating Hellenistic civilization.

Roman Empire

Homosexuality in Roman Empire:

“146 BCE – Although the establishment of Roman rule did not break the continuity of Hellenistic society and culture, which remained essentially unchanged until the advent of Christianity, it did mark the end of Greek political independence.”


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  2. Thank you Paul, wonderful research.

  3. The question is: after GLBT is accepted in the West, will the GLBT crowd continue with their “in your face” behavior, or will they integrate into society as any other group?

    • LGBT will be no more in your face or not than their straight counterparts.

  4. Advances in medicine have led to increase in years and decrease in infant mortality rate

  5. From time to time the societies as a whole become malaised by evils and unnatural practices, terrorism, drug addiction to name two. These evils have causes. Humans own action, neglect, selfishness, greed and deprivation cause these. So gay is inappropriate, sinful and will have long term implications of serious nature

  6. Japan openly accepts homosexuality and has been hit by several tsunamis, fukushima not only destroyed Japan but the whole world has been affected. The U.S. is beginning to accept homosexuality and it’s economy is degrading, we might see a collapse in our time. Coincidence? Ofcourse not.

    Homosexuality is an unnatural and perverted sexual inclination resulting from idolatry and apostacy see romans chp 1. And homosexual behaviour is an abomination condemned both in the old and the new testament. We desire that all homosexuals cease their gravely sinful, unnatural activity and convert to the traditional Catholic faith, outside of which there is no salvation.

    Homosexuals can be converted from their sinful and evil inclination as well but God destroy sodom and gohmorra for homosexual behaviour. Frankly he destests it more than anything else, as it represents something so contrary to what he created from the very beginning, one man and one woman. It’s opposed to one the fundamental aspects of the natural law.

    More over pedofiles and many other abominable perverts make the same arguments that homosexuals do, namely that they were born that way.

    For more information visit:

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