Posted by: Paul Chiariello | March 10, 2011

The Reason I’m Losing Faith in America: Hate Protests in Orange County

Feb13, 2011 ICNA Relief, a Muslim Organization, event in Yorba Linda, CA. to raise money for women’s shelters, homelessness and hunger.

Elected officials, a local Tea Party group and ACT! for America held a protest.


This is a minority of the American population and a perversion of the American spirit and ethos.  I understand that.

In fact that is the one thing that these protestors can’t understand about Muslims.

The vast majority of Muslims in the world are similarly losing faith in the extremist bigots that use their voices to give the appearance of numbers and power.

I’ve written a few other blog posts about Islamic and Biblical passages on war, hate and conversion; on Islam and Democracy and a few other things.

After watching this I don’t feel like writing much more and will leave it to you to check out some of my other posts on my opinion on all of that.

Please sign the Petition.


  1. Thanks Paul for your words But don’t hate any one , they just don’t know the meaning of Islam , They watch TV & listen to congressman who talked about Muslims like they are terrorists , I feel sorry for them , I love your blog Paul , Sorry I’m not around all the time but you know what happening here in Egypt.

    • Thanks! I love your input and really glad you like the blog! Hope you comment more often :)

      And I know, I mention that they’re only an uninformed minority. But its a growing minority and its still very saddening.

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