Posted by: Paul Chiariello | May 2, 2011

The Missing Link?: A Collection of Videos Explaining Human Evolution

In this post I am collecting and describing a couple videos and links explaining human evolution and many of the intentional myths and deceptions that surround it.

Later I hope to make other posts explaining other parts of evolution as well, such as the evidence for ‘macro-evolution’ (a term only dreamed up in the pseudo-science of Creationism/Intelligent Design theory).


In this great introductory video, potholer54 (his screen name) who runs an educational channel on, gives a great overview where he takes a  history of science look at human evolution.  He also discusses some of the general Creationist/ID explanations for the wealth of ‘Missing Links’ that we have.


In this video, Aronra, discusses a couple points of confusion surrounding the different species of homonids that have been found.

For instance that one species did not evolve directly into another in a linear progression but that many branches, such as Neanderthals, are more our cousins and not fathers or grandfathers.  Also that we have many sets of bones of different individuals and not a single tooth or 1/3 of a skeleton or each different hominid species.

Here is a more complicated and in depth video on the family tree, namely on the terms used on classification.


Ken Miller, popular lecturer on Evolution and witness in the Dover Trial, shows one of the pieces of evidence given at the Dover Trial, e.g. the fusion of chimp chromosomes in Chromosome #2 in Homo Sapiens.  Don’t worry, sounds complicated but Miller explains it well.

This is a prime example of how there was a puzzle that seemed to challenge evolution.  A prediction was made that if not found would be strong evidence against the theory of evolution.  It was found.

Further there is no real explanation that Intelligent Design can give except, God chose to do this random pointless thing that serves no function or benefit for simply no reason at all… or He is trying to be deceptive.

P.S. Miller is a Christian.


For those that are looking for the hard science-y kind of stuff check out the peer-reviewed open access journal published by the Public Library of Science which details beautifully the Molecular Phylogeny of Living Primates.


I also think it is important to take a look at how incredibly intelligent Chimpanzaees and Gorilla are.  The best example of this are Washoe and Koko.  Absolutely amazing.

My favorite example is Koko asking for a cat.  In her statement she makes a novel sentence, identifies herself, is able to understand that the category of ‘cats’ refers to physical individuals, acknowledges others and their ability to act or not act, and which she gave a name to.

You can check out more at Koko’s Wikipedia page, Koko’s website which explains her education, documentary film on Koko (first of 8 parts).


I recommend the BBC documentary “The Evolution of Man” which you can watch here.


For those that aren’t convinced or say ‘this is it?’ there is a lot more research out there.  Here is a List of Wikipedia articles on a variety of related topics.

I like Wikipedia because it is brief, well layed out and easy to search.  However, if you don’t like the lack of scholarly nature of its articles, then just click the references and sites it suggests that are.

Timeline of Human Evolution

List of Notable Fossils for Human Evolution (Note: Otherwise there are thousands)

General article on Human Evolution (Note: Has lots of links/citations in it)


Lastly, here is a List of Species of Hominids with Links to more on them.



  1. I saw Ken Miller speak about the Dover case a year ago. He spoke that extremists from both sides made it a God vs. Science debate. His stance, rather, is that evolution was the means chosen by God to carry out his plan. He specifically stated that understanding evolution strengthened his faith, and that the Church’s (Catholic) embrace of the science brought him even closer. Interestingly, he was accompanied by Charles Townes (patent holder of the laser, and nobel prize winner in physics) who made similar arguments from Physics, and Msgr. Albacete (former scientist turned Priest) who spoke to the metaphysics.

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