Posted by: Paul Chiariello | August 25, 2011

One Afternoon I Met A Red Witchess

One afternoon I met a red witchess

With red roots

and red leaves

And with a fraction of cinnamon and innocence,

Barely touching, we sat down together

And I took off my masks.


So she showed me a bloody huntress

Who stalks with leather and snow

And leaves no footprints.

So that now she hides in the corner of my semi-sight

Stealing thoughts of all other things.


She showed me a full, bare-breasted robin

Who flies with children on kites

and listens to the ferns whisper,

the trees bow and bend,

and the November leaves lie

that they fill the forest with more crimson


She showed me my own candle,

Burnt to its end, and replaced it with a lantern.

And I saw her claws for teeth

And wasn’t scared because she wouldn’t hurt me,

Though she is fierce, wild and red.


And it comforts me

That she is fierce, wild and red.



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