Posted by: Paul Chiariello | November 3, 2011

Is God Hedging His Bets this Election?? — An Experiment We All Must Make

I just noticed that three of the American presidential candidates currently in the race are saying that God has urged them to run.

So I actually didn’t make much of it at first glance, but then a thought came to me.  So I ask you this question: Is God is hedging His bets or do we have a growth in the number of liars taking advantage of this country’s theocratically-minded?

Now we actually have an interesting little experiment to hint at which it might be!  Let me explain…

One of the Candidates Wins

If one of the three does win, then the results of the experiment actually aren’t very interesting.  That particular individual 1) may have been telling the truth and have received a Divine mandate and assistance and all that such.  Or 2) he may have not had any mandate and his ruse simply worked or he was lucky.

Uninteresting over all.  However, you still have to explain the other candidates. It seems that those losing two must have either lied or are schizophrenics.

Think about that!  Two presidential candidates up there now are either bold liars preying off the religious (often by praying with them) or deluded schizophrenics and insane…

Or… the Omnipotent likes to hedge His bets.  You know, just in case.

Each of those Candidates Lose

Well if this result turns out to be true it gets really interesting.

I only see two options.  1) Those three (or one or two of ’em) were telling the truth and it just turns out God isn’t very omnipotent.  2) All of those candidates are liars or hearing voices that aren’t there.

. . . . . . . . . .

To any Christians that are planning on voting for one of these three people because they are ‘Godly’ remember this:

If each of those three candidates loses, since I’m sure you don’t want to
accept #1, don’t ever forget

God doesn’t work that way.
Anyone claiming to hear or have any kind of divine ‘call to run’ , is
besides un-American,
a liar and preying off of your gullibility or is simply schizophrenic.



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