Posted by: Paul Chiariello | September 12, 2011

Love, Value, Sacrifice… and Economics: A Dialog of Geeky Lovers

This is an actual conversation, posted with permission from mi lady.
Forgive me if it’s too cutesy,
even though I’m not apologizing for it.
me:  also, lovely
i am not applying for the HIA internship
[that would keep me an addition 4 months in DC and 5 hours away]
Siobhan:  por qua?
 me:  i was musing over that today actually,
so, money has value because we sacrifice something for it and we sacrifice something for it because that money will get us something we want more than what we sacrificed in the first place
i believe that is a good explanation of this HIA internship and you
and me
 Siobhan:  (so in fact it’s not a sacrifice, but a trade)
 me:  or in fact a trade involves a sacrifice
 Siobhan:  a temporary one
implicit in the trade
 me:  all sacrifices are perminent
otherwise they aren’t sacrifices
an investment for instance is a sacrifice of liquidity
that liquidity for that period of time will always and forever be sacrificed with the hopes of gaining somehting else of more value
 Siobhan:  but when you value the payoff more than the liquidity, it’s not a sacrifice, it’s a trade
when you consider only the one half of the action, its a sacrifice
 me:  and my first point is a trade requires a sacrifice
 Siobhan:  okay, i’ll take that
 me:  that sacrifice is how we express value
i have not expressed a thing’s value if i have not sacrificed for it
that is point number dos
 Siobhan:  and point numero tiga [Indonesian for “3”]?
before i have to leave for trabajo? ……
 me:  i am expressing the value of lady
 Siobhan:  oh, baby
we’ll figure it out then, love <3 and maybe i’ll be seeing you more often sooner than we thought
 me:  :):)

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